Stuck for Idea's of what to do for your child's birthday party?

Party photo shoots are SUPER popular and so much fun!! And such a lovely keepsake for when the kids grow up.

Come along for a fun filled shoot - a chance for friends to show off their pouts and poses, and a feel good factor about themselves! Sometimes it can be a real confidence boost to get some professional photos done.

From striking a silly pose

to perfecting a serious pout

to throwing up confetti

And jumping for the skies

You will come away with around 20 images and a shoot to remember! Products are then available to be printed for each child as a modern party bag gift or just something for yourselves to keep. Getting lots of the photos printed into a quality mini photo album to look back on and remember that special birthday is the most popular choice.

For more details or to book your party photo shoot - get in touch now.

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