What to wear to your photo shoot

I always get asked "what shall we wear?"

So I thought I'd write up a quick guide on some do's and don'ts of what to wear to your photo shoot.

1. Make sure no ones clashing. The plainer the better - try to avoid big logos, busy patterns or florescent colours.

2. Take into consideration the background - If we're shooting on white you won't want to be fully in white because you will get lost in the background. White tops are fine just don't dress completely in one colour.

3. Matching or Co-ordinating. Both looks nice. Think about colours.

Colour palette? Choose 2/3 colours and spread it over the family. For example here: Mum has chosen turquoise and white - but not everyone is in the same colours, mix and match it - Mum and Dad are in green and kids are in white.

4. Make sure you're comfy. Theres nothing worse than looking awkward because you're in a stark shirt you never wear. You want to look/feel relaxed and soft.

5. Home decor - If you're going to be putting your family portrait on the walls you will want to think about the colours of the room and try to co-operate it.

6. Keep it classic - wearing simple classic clothing means your photos won't look old and out of date in years to come.

7. Try not to be too seasonal. Avoid big coats or big scarfs if its winter.

8. Don't worry about shoes - I usually get people to take their shoes off in the studio.

9. SOCKS! Make sure no ones got crazy patterned socks with holes in! I had a little one come in the studio at Christmas with holey, bright, shark socks on - so I thought don't worry we'll just take the socks off, but this little man had other plans!! So I had to do some serious editing afterwards to make them plain otherwise it was distracting from his gorgeous face!

10. And finally - Don't worry too much, it's not all about what you're wearing, its about the family being together, getting photos to cherish, to decorate your home and for your kids to look back on when they're older.

Here the family are wearing blue jeans and white tops - this can look really nice and simple and lets you focus on the faces, expressions and family more than if theres a big logo drawing your eye in!

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