Why it's so important to be in the photos!

"Always get in the picture, you'll be grateful you do"

A lot of the time I get Mums, parents, coming in to get their children, babies photographed and I'm like "Okay now one with Mum" and the response is the same every time!! "no no I look awful" and I always reply with - "just do it, you look amazing, you can always delete it" and I persuade them. And this is why!

You're family, loved ones aren't looking at your tiredness or your no makeup, they're looking at you! It's part of their memory.

Honestly every Mum that has come in, look so blooming amazing even a week after giving birth, or when you are just feeling run down from your kids. You may feel awful but half the time you don't look it from the outside!!

But the truth of the matter is, we want — and need — you to be in pictures with your kids because these are the images your children will look back on in the future, and we want them to remember that Mum was there with them, and loved them so dearly.

I aim this at mainly Mums, as so many of us hate our photos being taken and we spend most of the time photographing our kids, our husbands, our grandparents but you end up never being in the photos!!

One of the reasons I became a photographer, and love doing my job is because I've got no professional photos of me and my family, and I feel this is something I missed out on and don't want anyone else to.

Little Freddie will cherish this photo forever. Well done mummy for being brave and getting infront of the camera!

"Capturing memories you'll cherish forever" is my motto/favourite quote, as photos are memories you will cherish forever, when you loose a loved one, this is when photos are well and truly cherished.

So my message to parents is: be present and get in the photos - honestly you won't regret it.

I am absolutely loving all you Mummy's getting in front of the camera at the moment. Good on you all :) Here is another stunning Mummy and her beautiful boy sharing a moment.

It's also important to have everyone included, Mum, Dad, Siblings, Grandparents. Grandparents are so so precious. Here is a lovely photo of Mum, Grandma and Grandson.

Here I am reminding parents of the importance of not just photographing their kids, but being in the photos themselves. So take my word for it - get in front of the camera!!

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