What goes into your images - Retouching

A lot of editing, love and passion go into your photos. From preparing your shoot, to doing the shoot, and to retouching the photos after.

You may think I just press the button on my camera, get some pics and shove them onto a CD but oh there is so much more!!

I spend hours editing/retouching each and every photo uniquely, to make sure I create those beautiful images you had imagined. Lots of mums come in concerned because their little one has a runny nose that day or has had a fight with their big brother and has a scratch on their forehead!! But don't worry - Snotty noses, tears, left over lunch, cuts, scratches - I've got it covered!!

Here are some before and afters to show you the magic that makes your images.

I had my godson Ewan come in for a shoot the other week and the little monkey had been colouring that morning and as they do managed to cover himself in colourful pen!! So some drastic editing had to be done to cover it up!!


Newborn Photography is probably one of the shoots that needs most retouching just because they tend to scratch themselves easily, they get spots after birth, flaky skin, sleepy dust, jaundice etc.

Don't be offended if I've edited your gorgeous bubba's skin, it doesn't mean they aren't normal, aren't cute, it's just the way they are at this age and I like to create a dreamy soft style to my images.

Although sometimes I will actually leave the flaky skin and pimples because I think it's all a memory of how they used to be, those precious newborn features that you don't want to forget!

This little monkey below is a twin brother - boys being boys they're bound to have cuts and bruises!!


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